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There are so many ways to approach learning the piano. It’s really important to understand that there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to learn. Working with an expert who has many years of teaching experience will help you find the perfect approach for you to learn the piano.

There’s a lot to be said for a having access to your own expert who is dedicated to answering your own specific questions. Sure, you can do Google search and find a lot of information, but Google doesn’t know your unique situation. Many questions that arise at the piano are situational, and having a real person to learn from will help you put all of the pieces of the musical puzzle together.

Similarly, a piano teacher can help you troubleshoot problems that you’re having in your practice.

  • Are you making the same mistake over and over?

  • Does something in your music just not sound right?

  • Are there times when it seems like your fingers don’t want to cooperate?

  • Does it feel like your progress is at a standstill?  

      A piano teacher likely has    multiple solutions to all of these common problems.

Having a piano teacher to follow you along your journey will help you see that it’s worth it not to give up. Even when it feels like you’re not making progress, you’re too busy to practice, or learning the piano is getting too challenging, your piano teacher will encourage to keep going and remind you why you wanted to learn piano in the first place. If you stick with it, you’ll experience and enjoy the rewards and satisfaction that playing the piano brings for years to come.


Why should you learn with Tomasz?

I will ensure that you learn the foundations properly

I will help you channel your emotions into your performance

Whether you want to play for leisure, expand your existing knowledge and technique or prepare for an exam, I will tailor the lessons to suit your needs and requirements

As a composer, performer for 25 years, I will inspire you artistically to discover the pianist in you

I will guide you to experience the wonders of music